Job Types

Server Relocation

We are an I.T. Resource company.
We source engineers for Help Desks and server installs.

Job role involves engineers to label all the connectivity and power feeds, remove all the cabling, servers are removed from the racks and into the server cases. Rails and cable management arms are labelled and removed, packed alongside the equipment. Server cases are loaded and secured into the vehicle. Vehicles have tracker systems so can be monitored real time throughout transit to the new site. Server equipment is re racked as per requirement. Cables reconnected and cable managed. Equipment is then handed back to our client for power up and testing.

IT Moves and Changes

The job role involves decommissioning PCs, workstations and all peripherals such as printers and scanners and where required will also cover all desktop voice and data equipment.

IT moves The pre-move audit considers the network and application configuration of each desktop. We also keep a record of any hardware requirements for every PC (including its systems and software), replicating it precisely upon recommission. Regardless of how many desktop environments are included we can reproduce every one individually. This includes details such as left or right hand position of the mouse or screen positioning for trading desks. The recommission involves each desktop as agreed and in conformance with a pre-agreed relocation map layout for the new environment within agreed timescales and provide a full and comprehensive audit record trail for each user.

Equipment Deployment

Equipment is checked, un packed and Asset Tagged and tracked into a secure location. Equipment maybe part of a ‘Bill of materials’ i.e. Monitor, Base Unit, Keyboard and Mouse which needs to be staged, software installed and tested On receiving instructions from our client the equipment will be picked from the stored location and deployed in specialist packing containers to site thereby maximizing protection of equipment during transit but minimising management of waste on site. You will be tasked to ensuring the equipment is correctly installed and fully functional to the client requirements. End of life equipment can also be removed from site and disposed of to WEEE protocol.

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