About Us

Beginning in 2007, Express Migrations has been a leader in logistical relocations for over 10 years. From our start as an I.T. recruitment company, we have supplied the best engineers to companies throughout Europe, leading the industry in relocation services. No matter what your move is, if you have computers to move, look no further!

Our vast experience with moving computers gives us the expertise to handle your unique needs. Whether you have a small environment of one computer connected to two monitors, or you are a trading environment of four computers connected to ten monitors, we’ll make sure your move is smooth, safe, and stress free.

Express Migrations has run and led some of the biggest relocations in Europe, and we’re here to bring that expertise and experience to your company. From standard desktop environments, to full server migrations, to trade floor environments, we’ve done it all! And, with full photographic audits, extensive supporting documentation, and clear labelling, you’ll have a clear and complete understanding of everything we do.

We’ve worked with massive corporations throughout the UK, and we’ve delivered the highest quality results time and time again. Now we’re here to bring that experience to your company. So, give us a call! We’re ready to meet all of your needs and make your relocation hassle free!